Vasodilator and activator

of cerebral metabolism

Unique and selective effects of Vinpocetine

Vinpocetine reduces platelet aggregation

Vinpocetine has also been shown to be a unique, selective cerebral vasodilator. Solti and co-workers reported their results using Vinpocetine with 10 men suffering from cerebrovascular disorders (average age: 49). They conclude; ''...Vinpocetine belongs to the rather few products which exert a potent, favorable effect on the cerebral circulation. The effect of Vinpocetine on the cerebral circulation has two main features:

1.) It strongly reduces cerebral vascular resistance, which is typically high in cerebral vascular disease.

2.) Cerebral fraction of cardiac output is increased.

No marked effect on systemic circulation, blood pressure and total vascular resistance decreased very slightly on acute Vinpocetine effect. Since the product, far from increasing RATHER reduces effort of the heart, its effects may be assumed to be favorable in cerebral alterations associated with heart disease and hypertension.''1

Hadjiev and Yancheva also reported favorable clinical results with 50 patients suffering cerebral circulation impairment. They noted that Vinpocetine does not elicit the ''steal effect'' that occurs with non-selective vasodilators. (The ''steal effect'' occurs when a vasodilator opens up blood vessels in brain regions that do not suffer from reduced circulation even more than it opens up blood vessels in regions suffering damaged circulation. This causes a net shift of cerebral blood flow away from the injured area, causing even further damage to the already blood starved part).2

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