Vasodilator and activator

of cerebral metabolism

Vinpocetine and the eyes

In another study with 100 patients suffering from poor blood circulation to the eye, Kahan and Olah note Vinpocetine's inhibition of platelet aggregation. The microvessels that feed neurons in the brain and retina are smaller in diameter than a single red blood cell- they are easily ''clogged up'' by clumps of platelets, impairing local microcirculation. This provides another mechanism of action for Vinpocetine's ability to enhance cerebral blood flow- inhibition of unnecessary platelet aggregation, which may be triggered by a high fat diet, magnesium deficiency, and stress hormones, among other factors .1

In ophthalmology it has been used for problems of vascular alteration of the choroid and retina, basically arterioschlerotic degeneration or angiospasms of the macula, and partial thromboses or vascular occlusions due to secondary glaucoma, i.e. sight disorders of vascular origin.

1. A. kaham & M. Olah (1976)''Use of Ethyl Apovincaminate in ophthalmological therapy'' A.F. (D.R.) 28, 1969-72.

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