Vasodilator and activator

of cerebral metabolism

Vinpocetine and brain aging

locus coeruleus

Another key benefit from Vinpocetine derives from its activating effect on the noradrenaline nerve cluster in the reticular activating system called the ''locus coeruleus.'' Olpe and co-workers have shown that Vincamine and some of its derivatives (Vinpocetine) to be some of the most effective activators of locus coeruleus (LC) neurons. This small group of neurons extends its noradrenaline-secreting nerve fibers diffusely throughout the cerebral cortex (the thinking, planning, integrative brain)1.In other studies have found that Vinpocetine increases the activity of neurons in the locus coeruleus and improves the release of noradrenaline metabolism.2,3,4

Olpe notes that LC neurons decline in number with increasing age, with degeneration advancing slightly faster in men than women. The lessening number and activity of LC neurons that occurs with aging is known to play a significant role in the reduction of concentration, alertness, and information processing speed and ability that occurs with aging.

Thus Vinpocetine's ability to improve the cerebral cortical activating power of remaining LC neurons makes it a true ''cognition enhancing'' agent.1,2,3,4

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